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Coontact Tale #151

This is a short one.

Do you guys ever notice how nigars call each other names but if we say it it's racist.

One nite, I was minding my own business. I usually block out the coons. This Nigar bitch came up behind me. (Note: this woman works as a nurse.!!!) She has on her nurse out fit. She is with her boyfriend. I have a palet of tide on the aisle. I am putting what i need on the floor so i can stock it. She walks up behind me and just stares. Why do black people do that? She stand there for about 10 minutes. I act like I don't see her stupid ass. When you work around nigar customers you have to do that. So, finally, she says, " Get the fuck out of the way." I say just a second i'll be done. She says it again. I look at her and I just stare like they do. Then, her boyfriend looks at her and says, " come on boo, quit acting like an ape." She got pissed and turned around. I laughed my ass off. WHITE POWER!

Coontact Tale #152

I have more than a few.

This is a story about how blacks kill each other.

Me and my husband both work at wal-mart in Alabama. My husband works grocery and I work Chemicals and paper. There is a black girl that puts up the cheese. Anyway, we had a black guy from New York get hired. He worked next to her and they talked alot. One of the black guys in groceries was "talking to her." I guess that means fucking in nigar language. The guy from New York used to be in a gang. So, one night about 12:00 pm,(we work overnite) I was working. I heard alot of screaming going on. Nigars running everywhere. I thought to myself, " there must be a mouse running loose." Come to find out, the nigar on the meat wall cut the ape from grocery. He was dripping blood everywhere. The nigar from grocery was throwing Yoo-hoo's at the other one. He had a 12 inch cut from the corner of his mouth to the side of his face. Well, ambulance came and took the coon off. Both got fired. My husband saw it all and got stuck with doing police reports. Thats not the end. The nigar girl already had 3 kids. She ended up pregnant with the nigar grocery boys baby. She now works 3 days a week and is on the Wic program. HHHHHHHm....... the drama.

Coontact Tale #153

By ®UFEZELA on June 28, 2003 at 03:38:24:

Don't know whether this would qualify as a coontact tale, but here it is for what it's worth:

Some years ago I went to visit my (now late) father in Pretoria, which meant an overnight trip on our once-famous Trans Natal Express. The trip up to the Transvaal was incident-free and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay with the old man.

On the day I was due to return, old friends came to pick me up to spend the day with them, and that evening drove me through to Germiston from where I would board the train again.

Locating my coach, we noticed three 'coloureds' - these are not pure kaffir, but a mixture, not unlike many of your niggers, standing by the door and as we passed them, they were reeking of liquor. Found my compartment in the middle of the coach and put my luggage in through the window. We then stood chatting on the platform and I remarked that the threesome also seemed to be passengers in the same coach, and sure enough, when I entered through the door at the other end, I saw them disappearing into the first compartment at the other end.

Later I went for dinner in the dining car (that was the last old-fashioned 'SAR'- style dinner, with snow-white tablecloth, napkins, gleaming genuine silverware and sparkling glasses and a five-course meal like one would get at a good hotel - alas, no more!) and then settled down for the night, or so I thought! Around 1.30 the racket of a ghetto-blaster at full decibels shatters the peace and quiet of rocking train and wuiet click-clack of wheels over rail joints...

Flew out of my compartment and determined the racket was coming from the 'skollies' (as the colourds are also known here) compartment. Just then I heard two kids wailing in terror and the lady (white) in the ompartment next to mine comes out into the corridor, also highly upset because the racket had woken her two little boys. I told her to go inside and try and console the little guys, saying I'd go to look for the conductor. I had to go past the skollies' compartment on the way to the back of the train and was disgusted to see and smell the whole floor ther awash with urine and maybe some water.

Located the conductor in the dining saloon, second down from our coach, where he was chatting to the kitchen staff and I asked him to please come and restore some semblance of law and order in our coach. One could actually hear this ghetto-blaster as he opened the door and led the way. He rattled on the skollies' door with his key and yelled at them and one finally lifted the latch on the inside and opened up. The conductor read them the riot act in no uncertain manner, addint that if they didn't behave themselves now, he'd stop the train right there in the middle of nowhere and throw them all off - which he was entitled to do.

So - some peace and quiet and I dropped off to sleep again, only to be woken by this ghetto-blaster again around 6.00 a.m. as we were approaching Pietermaritzburg. Hell's bells! Once again I flew out of my compartment and down to their where I hammered on the door with the handle of my Swiss Army knife (I've ALWAYS carried a pocket knife throughout my life) and when the door was opened, I yelled at them, telling them I'd go and call the conductor again.

"Well, thes IS the New South Africa, you know..." one of them slurred.

"Damn right! That's why it's so fucked up!" I shot back (that's a word I seldom use, but I was as mad as a snake by then). "Now, turn that thing off, or else..."

Thankfully they got off at Pietermaritzburg and an old lady in the comparment next to their came out and said: "Oh, thank you, my dear. I've hardly slept a wink all night with these uncouth characters making such a noise!"

Poor old soul!

Believe me, many of these coloureds are just as bad - if not worse - than many of the kaffirs. They're to be located mainly in the Cape and as one told my mother at work many, many years ago: "Mrs Meier, the downfall of my people is drink..." This guy was very civilized and never touched the stuff himself.

Needless to say, much I as love train travel, I won't be patronising my once-favourite train, the Trans-Natal, again...

Coontact Tale #154

Here is one of mine! It began on a nice summer day when my family and I were visiting San Francisco (Sodom and Gomorrha), California. We got on a cable car and paid our fares. My cousin,

Margaret needed to sit down, because the cable car was moving. I told her to sit down and just as she was sitting down, the cable car began to lurch. I quickly grabbed the rubber edge of the door to prevent myself from falling. One of the two Vandal conductors thought I was hitting the door or something and got real nasty with me. He said, "You got a problem, mister?!?" in the Vandalic way that is supposed to intimidate "Whitey"

I answered "Yeah, I have a problem! I have a problem with the cable car lurching and me falling down!!! Do you have a problem with that!?!" I answered, my eyes and voice flashing with menace and holy fury. By that time, fire was in my veins and in my eyes. He had expected me to meekly say "no sir," but I was outraged at his menacing air instead. I glared at both Vandal conductors and with full eye contact let them know that I was ready, willing and able to take them both on and come out on top. I didn't have to say anything to them. Never mind that they were both bigger than me; they would have gone to the hospital for their Nigger Vandalitude. In fact had I crippled both of them, I would have been happy as a lark! In fact, those two conductors backed down and said nothing more. I was shaking, but I was shaking with almighty rage and fury for being treated as those Vandals' "honky punk" I kept a watch on them just inc ase they wanted to cause me or mine some trouble. I was more than ready for them and I wanted some Vandalobabookari blood.

You see, I had suffered much under Vandals during my youth, and I suffered vandalitude ever since the third grade. By the summer after the third grade, I began to know that at least some Vandals were the enemy. Between the fifth and sixth grades, durign the summer, a Vandal mulatto jiggabuck flubberlipped monkey took my new and beautiful green bike literally from under me and rode away with it. I never got my bike back, nor found the Vandalokaffir orange half-breed nig who stole it.

Personally, I have known all along that Vandals are a race of lazy bums, thieves, robbers, rapists and other nasty things. I am not going to let my town in Dixie North fall to the Vandal barbarians!


Coontact Tale #155

It was in the summer of 1999 and I was with my mother at a nearby Kentucky Fried Chicken place in my White town in Dixie North. Well, when I was standing next to my mother, waiting for the chicken (The server was White, thank God!) Two Vandalobabookaris decided to try to intimdate us "Whities" by staring at my mother and myself. One of them actually put his simian boon face next to mine and stared directly at me. I just stared right back at the Vandalobabookari. He must have thought I would flinch away, but he was nonplusse when I showed absolutely no fear for him at all. His boodie buddy must have realized that too, because they soon backed away from me and mom. I was very pissed at those two bastards;

I wanted to beat the crap out of them, but if I had done so, I would have been arrested by the Stalinazi gestapo there.

I guess that they got their kicks going into a White township and stirring up trouble. Unfortunately for them, they found some. I guess that Vandals, being cowards could not win with even an effective ratio of 2 to 1. Baboons, all of them!

Coontact Tale #156

Back in 1995, I was stationed in Panama on the Atlantic side. One day, we get contacted by some of the grunts going through the Jungle School. Seems they came across some locals in the jungle who were in US territory hacking away at something with machetes. We got the grid coordinates where they were last spotted and lit out after them.

After about an hour of tramping through the jungle (I won't go into anything about bugs, snakes, mud, various types of poisionous plants and the occasional large jungle cats we had snooping around), we get close enough to hear them. They had a fire going and something smelled to high heavan.

We huddled and formed a plan, which was: fan out, encircle them and slow close the circle around them. I was to be the far side man almost opposite our team leader, and the most likely direction they would run. I always chose to carry a 12 gauge shotgun when on an op like this, since visibility was often measured in feet in the single digits, but with no round chambered.

We closed the circle and our team leader stood up and yelled at them in spanish for them to drop their machetes and give up quietly. All complied except for the last kaffir, who chose to run directly at me.

I stood up, jacked a round in the chamber of that 12 gauge, aimed it directly at his head and yelled: "Take one more step, motherfucker, and I'll blow your head off"! He stopped like he had an invisible rope around his waist and dropped the machete. After I got closer to him, I realized that he had shit his pants when I drew down on him.

We zip-tied them to the nearest trees and examined what they were doing. They had been chopping up the trans-atlantic telephone cable where it passed through the jungle, using their fire to melt off the casing and salvaging the copper so they could resell it to a scrap yard. The major stink we smelled was the burning plastic melting off the cable. Fucked up communications for weeks until they could get it repaired. By the way, the kaffir who shit his pants was forced-marched back, where he was forced to strip and hosed off with seawater. Nasty people.

Coontact Tale #157

A couple coontact stores told to me by my Brother. One involved one of his friends over the 2002 christmas break. out with some of his friends at some fast food joint, kinda late. theres a small group of blacks, about the size of the white group, who apparently do something one of the whites doesnt like, who says some shit to them. the blacks get pissy and leave after a bit. everything stays fine until they start to leave. as they are walking out the niggroup comes up, now with twice the numbers. the white who talked the shit runs inside and watches from a window, and the niggers, being niggers, all go for the skinny, lanky white, that being my brother's friend. he goes to the ground tucked in a ball as 6 blacks are kicking him. the other white gets in the truck and hits one of them nigs. that and the police arrival spark the blacks to run - at least all of them that could. the downed buck was awailin' and acryin' somethin' terrible. messed up his leg, but i dont even think it was broken. lucky though - no court dates.

The second story involved the military advisor for this company, when he was actually coming back from spend the night with the corps (a preliminary event designed to let you know all about the corps and your future outfit, if you join). as he was coming home he somehow came across 5 blacks beating his deaf baby brother. so he did what anyone can and should do, which was to take his pistol and fill their legs with lead. since they were non-lethal shots fired in defense he did not get convicted of attempted murder, as he was tried for. Ain't it just like niggerlovers to try and turn shit around like that? God damn.

Coontact Tale #158

My wife had been harassing me to take her to see ˜Matrix Reloaded for weeks following the films release. I too had wanted to see the movie: however the lone movie theater near our house is infested with ghetto-ass,classless,niggers and is typically to be avoided at all costs especially by someone who actually wants to sit peacefully and enjoy a movie.

You see, this particular movie theater - the AMC 24 Cineplex is located in Morrow, GA, which is a suburb of Atlanta and has much the same problem as the rest of our metro area – a complete takeover by big-lipped, thickheaded, porch monkeys. I warned my wife that if we were to see the film on opening weekend, that we would not enjoy ourselves due to the 400 or so niggers talking on their cell phones in between shouting niggerly comments like, HELL NAH! at characters on the screen, who, I don't think the niggers understand, cannot hear them. I encouraged my wife to wait a few weeks when the pre-release hype of the movie would had presumably died-down and the chance of encountering Typical Nigger Behaviors are much less. She persisted until I finally and foolishly agreed to take her on the following Saturday.

We got there really early so we could get a desirable spot in the large stadium styled theater. We indeed found good seats on the back row of the ground level. These seats are unique in that it is an 18-seat row with a 6-seat gap in between two sets of 9 seats. I sat on the left-hand side of the gap with my right side open to the gap. My wife, of course, was to my left with three open seats to her left-hand side. Another white man sat with his son at the other end of the mini-row. To help further visualize: two couples sat like bookends at either end with 3 seats between us.

The previews start and the theater begins to fill to maximum capacity, so any hopes of elbow room for my wife were fading, which was all right and is to be expected on a Saturday night. Some twenty minutes later the movie begins, at which time I look to my left at the end of the row and there stood in the aisle a knuckle-dragging she-boon with her niglet bobble head. She politely asked the man at the end on the row if the three seats to his sons left were taken. He says as she turns to see her trailing babys daddy who had two additional abominations on both arms. These 5 fucking mindless, classless, fried chicken eating niggers proceed to fit their huge baboon asses into these 3 fucking seats. One niglet got his own seat while the parents (ha-ha) held two other shitskin toddlers in their laps. I couldn't help to be astonished and amused by the audacity of these fucking morons. I knew my wife, being Irish and prone to bitchiness, was fuming and would soon non-verbally communicate her displeasure to me.

As expected, she forcefully struck my arm with a subtleness that is unknown to all niggers. Having bugged me for a week to take her to this movie, I decided to let her lie in her bed and I ignored the nudges for almost 10 minutes as I watched the movie. Sensing her fuse getting dangerously low, I leaned into her ear and asked, Do you want to move? to which she answered in an abnormally deep tone, YES. We gathered our things and turned around to notice that there was no two seats open beside one another. My wife leans down into the niggerman's face and says "There you can have em" in her shittiess voice. On the way out of the theater she related to me that the little nigger was chomping popcorn in her ear and the bigger boon touched her arm, which she described as greasy. She also seemed nauseated at the thought of his niggerness rubbing off on her. On the ride home (we left the theater after this fiasco) we talked about how much we hated niggers and how we would never go to the movies again. We also at that point pledged to move from the infested Atlanta area to some small white dominated area where the Klan properly handles such situations.


Coontact Tale #159

From the military we have this classic tale of TNB.

I was going through my fourth rotation at the National Training Center in Southern California (where the US Army learns how to fight in the desert), and was considered one of the more 'salty' soldiers in my unit, most of the others in my Company having never been through the grinder at NTC before.

I was pulling watch at an OP/LP in the Middle of Nowhere on a little finger of rock that stuck out from the side of a fairly big hill. Small mountain really, and it was an excellent position for observation, allowing one to see for several miles in any direction, at least during the day. This was back in the days before we had really GOOD night vision equipment (the AN-PVS5 was considered cutting edge).

Anyway, it was about 0200 or so, and I was cold and bored as shit looking out at an empty green moonscape wishing something, ANYTHING would happen...

Wish granted.

The valley floor and most of the surrounding hills lit up like God Himself turned on the biggest damn flashlight you ever saw.

I thought: "Thank God, someone put up a flare."

I turned to look behind me, in the direction of the light source and felt the ground vibrate. At about that instant, a very deep BOOOOOOOM!!! rumbled so loud that it vibrated the air in my chest and I saw a baby mushroom cloud lifting into the night.


Turns out, an artillery unit was camped out several klicks away. The night was cold, you see, and all the nigger gun bunnies servicing that M198 cannon thought it would be a good idea to move an alpine heater (think small kerosene powered heater that looks like a jet engine on 4 legs) into the BACK OF AN AMMO TRUCK!

The trucks' canvas caught fire and spread. The niggers ran like hell, of course, without waking the NCO in charge of the gun (white guy, of course). He had been up for almost 2 days straight and was catching a couple of well deserved hours of sleep back in their tent nearby. The gun crew was operating on rotation, couple of guys sleeping, couple awake in case anything went down. Nigs being nigs, they all decided to pile into the ammo truck and run rotation from there.

Anyway, the NCO wakes up, sees the truck on fire, jumps into the cab and starts it up in an attempt to drive it away from the position before it exploded. But there was no air in the lines, making the truck immobile since the airbrakes were locked. The NCO waited in the truck (!) hoping that the air pressure would build up enough so he could move it. No chance. He bailed out and ran for his life about a minute before it went up.

98 rounds of WP and HE went up with a godawful bang, destroying the truck, tent, weapons, powder, warm clothing (!), supplies, water and the M198 (which was tossed about 500 meters like a giant tinkertoy). An Engineering unit recovered the big Cummins turbodiesel engine block about a half mile away. Total losses and damages were in the millions. No loss of life though. All because of some stupid ass niggers.

By the way, the NCO was awarded the Soldiers' Medal for gallantry and total lack of regard for his own welfare, which is the highest award a soldier may be issued in peacetime. Well deserved, too. The nigs got either courts-marshalled or A-15'ed, also well deserved.

I drove past the site the next day. The explosion put a hole in the world, and what was left of the 5-ton truck could fit in the back of a F150 pickup truck. The gun was a total loss, looking like a giant had smacked it a good one with a closed fist. TNB, baby....

Coontact Tale #160

I was in a local store that I frequent very often, the guy at the register always remembers what I need. I am third in line behind a fairly robust brillo-head of a woman and a young white woman with her daughter in a stroller, probably about two years old. The guy acknowledged me when I entered, like he always does. Anyhow, this lady is spitting off ebonics left and right on her prepaid cell phone, so the cashier politely moves on to the white lady. She did not like that a bit and made sure she told her "girlfriend" on the phone first. The poor guy at the register was courteous and explained to her that he was just trying to help customers that are here to shop. I started smiling really big when he said that. She started getting loud and out of line so he rang her up just to keep the peace. She continued to raise hell the whole time. When she handed him her debit card, he asked her if she knew her PIN. Again she blurted some more BS, "why wouldn't I know dat" and "do you think I is dum". The smile on my face grew even bigger when he said "do you really want me to answer that". As she was leaving I asked the guy how he was able to handle this BS on a daily basis. She heard me and told the two of us to F### OFF! We still got a good laugh over this behavior since the whole store witnessed her ridiculous behavior.

I won't include this in the count but I feel compelled to add my own Coontact Tale which happened to me today on the Northwest side of Kansas City.

I had to stop and fill up with gas and, as is my custom, I went into the kiosk to purchase a soft drink and small bag of chips. After making my selection I notice two open cashiers; one is a nigger with just one customer who is nigger as well. The other cashier is a white girl but I immediately note her line us six customers long all waiting to pay for gas and shop purchases.

Which line to get in? You got it, got in line with the other white folks.

Took about five minutes for the gal to make her way through the line to me but during this time I kept an eye on the "progress" of the other "line". Stupid niggers, it took all of five minutes figuring out what the price of five packs of Newport Menthol (surprise!) would cost at $2.50 a pack during which time the simians discussed the merit of Salem and Kool as compared to the Newports. Five whole fucking minutes it drove me crazy then, when the nigger comes to pay, he pops out his "gold card" which I thought interesting, a credit card to pay for cigarettes. The nigger in charge of the cash register rang everything up but when swiping the card received a "Declined" to which news we were treated with hoots, whistles and hollers of protest. "Whut you mean dat card bez declined? Dis shit bez racism!" It was great to watch and the bastard was still taking up space in line when I left.

Another thing that pisses me off with niggers? You ever notice that when you hand a bottle of soda, coffee or whatever the niggers always want to finger where your lips will touch on the bottle? Whatever you do, however you hand it to the nog for somme reason or other the nigger always handles it around the drinking section for which reason I never make a beverage purchase from a nigger.

Coontact Tale #161

Gather around my white brothers as I tell you a tale.A tale of an angry neighbor (me) and a bunch of coons living right next door.To start I live in a quiet qhite neighborhood and the people who USED to live next door were always white and employed at some kind of job.Well, last summer the house went up for rent and some niggers moved in.At first, nothing happened but before you know it they had 40's lying all over the place and constantly playing cRAP music.Anyways, one night I got fucking pissed because the proch monkeys were playing their stereo on the porch and this was about 11 at night.So me and my friend go over there and smash the fucking shit out of their stereo and we threatened to kill them.Well, they got pissed and called the Cops, they thought they were going to have us arrested for death threats but instead they got arrested for playing the music to loud and thus causing a disturbance.They got an eviction notice, too!HAHA!!!

Coontact Tale #162

Here's a tale of coontact for you.

A few years ago I was given a spanking new company car, and every weekend I took it to the car wash. One sunny, slightly windy Saturday morning I drove to the car wash and in the line in front of me was Unca Ben, right off the the front of the rice box.

Now Unca Ben was obviously fresh off the boat too, because he had the car but he had no idea how to use a car wash. He drove up to the entrance, got out, and started laboriously reading the instructions, big 205/55 lips shaping the words. He got to the bit about inserting his token so he did that. Then he got to the bit about driving your car into the wash and switching the engine off. So he gets back in his car, drives in, turns the engine off - and gets out of the car!!! While the machine is actually running!

I shit you not.

Unca Ben hadn't appreciated that you're supposed to stay in the car!! Of course he got a bit of a wetting, which he found uproariously funny, and he stood there gibbering with laughter and happily looking from the watching white gods laughing at him to the car and back, while the white gods' amazing machine washed his crappy car.

It gets better. You know I said it was windy? At one point the wind veered and gusted and caught the water jets at just the right angle...and this miniature rainstorm, seven feet tall and one nog wide, was blown out of the machine and completely enveloped the unsuspecting 'groid, soaking him to the skin. The entire line of watching drivers roared with laughter at this. It looked exactly like one of those cartoons where a loser character has a personal raincloud over their head.

As the wash finished, the dripping wet 'groid climbs into his car and pulls forward. I went into the wash and through the soapy windscreen I saw him looking at me, absolutely dumbstruck at the white man's wisdom in staying in the car to avoid getting soaked.

Soulful and spiritual people!

Coontact Tale #163

I was on the subway the today. 86th street station, downtown 4 train. this white guy in his 70's, wearig a suit, was trying to get into the packed train car. some du-rag wearing black/hispanic guy was standing in the doorway when the train stopped. when the doors opened, the old man tried getting in and slightly brushed against the monkey. the young black/hispanic guy turns around and with all his might pushes the old man back onto the platform. i mean, full force, into his chest, so the man falls on top of a bunch of us standing behind him. the young hoodie then mumbles something under his breath like "don't you push me you white motherfucker", we all get into the train and continue our silent trip downtown. no one said anything. i looked over at the old man and he was beet-red.

What's my point? or my question, rather? i ask you this: WHY IS IT THAT I CANNOT POSSIBLY PICTURE A YOUNG WHITE GUY DOING THAT? i don't think that i cannot because i'm a bigot. in that case everybody i know must be bigoted, because they could not picture the reverse situation either.

Despite all they say, despite all the reasons (like poverty and racism and blah blah), despite it all i will tell you this: most american blacks and hispanics are a bunch of disrespectful, loud, foul-mouthed fucks. their culture and upbringing teaches them zero respect and sometimes i fucking hate them so much. i fucking hate myself even more for being a pussy on the train and not saying shit. in my defense, it was early and i by the time i collected my thoughts a few minutes had passed and it would have been weird to say anything.

Anyway, that young guy will wind up in jail some day. not because the white man is keeping him down, not because the system is unfair, but because he, and others like him, fucking deserve it. yes, some others like him are white, but so fucking what.

Sorry about the language. i'm just a little pissed.

I know i'll get responses like 'how dare you generalize about the whole race' etc. the answer is: yes, i fucking dare. i'll give you eight million other examples like the one above, i'm just too lazy to type. so to those, an f.u. in advance.

Coontact Tale #164

I am 52 years old and have spent the last 22 no wait the 13th of August will be 23 years in a wheel chair because I was shot by some damn niggers during a holdup.. I was working on my day off (needed money) when 3 little niggers came in and said they wanted some Kools, when I turned to get them, the chicken shit niggers shot me twice and after I fell into the floor one of them told the other Shoot that mutha fucka again.. Point blank in the back, I was "lucky", an inch over and it would have missed my spine and hit me in the backside of the heart.. Hell if they has said it was a holdup, I would have given them the keys to the store.. Or if they had pulled the guns on me while I was facing them, I would have opened a can of whip ass, I have studied Shotokan Karate since I was 10.. I feared no man that I could see and touch.

As I said I am lucky, the same niggers shot and killed a man the night before at another convience store.. Oh thank heaven for 7-11 .. So you can see my hate goes deep and true.. Yes they are still in and got life..

Thanks for "listening"

North Carolina born nigger hater..

Coontact Tale #165

This coontact tale related to me by my daughter:

My daughter works one day a week as a volunteer at the local zoo. She was stationed next to the Siberian tiger cages (2 male tigers in separate cages). They are known to spray copius amounts of very pungent urine at visitors who get too close to the cages. My daughters job that day was to verbally warn visitors to stay back from the cages, there is also a sign warning people to stay back.

Enter a posse of nigger males dressed in baggy gang style clothes acting like the animals they are, swearing , shucking and jiving and the whole nigger male ritual. Anyway, my daughter hides her disgust and politely warns them not to get too close to the cages. All but one of the coons stands back but one of the niggers says, "I'm not afraid of no tiger, I will kick his ass if he messes with me!!". He was right next to the cage and as he turned around to see the reaction of his fellow simians to his niggerbabble, the 500 pound tiger lets fly with a giant stream of urine and hoses the nigger right in the face and chest area and drenches the savage with pungent tiger urine!! The nigger's friends are all laughing their black asses off and my daughter is laughing also. He was so stunned by being drenched with tiger urine that he was unable to even speak (amazing for niggers to be rendered speechless). He goes to the zoo office and registers a complaint that the tigers unrinated on him. Of course, the zoo manager told him he had been warned twice about the need to stay back but the coon still did not admit it was his own stupid fault. I made my daughter tell me the story several times so I could laugh my own white ass off while I imagined the nigger getting what was coming to him!!

It is nice when TNB can actually amuse me rather than sending me into a nigger thrashing frenzy.

Coontact Tale #166

Just saw a black mom savagely beat her kid at McDonald's

On my way home I stopped off at Mc D's and was waiting in line to order. Sitting at a table eating was this black woman with 3 kids. The kids were playing around and one of them knocked over his drink. He looked to be around 5 or so. The mother jumped up cussing and literally beat the hell out of the kid with open hand slaps on his back, ass, arms all the while screaming at him. The kid was crying. I could not believe it and just stood there in shock. She finally grabbed him by the arm and threw him out the door and told him to take his "monkey ass and go wait in the car." She came back and finished eating. Unbelievable.

Coontact Tale #167

It was 1997...I was sitting in a Tenderloin bar, getting quietly drunk when the Basketball game on the overhead TV was interrupted by a news bulletin, informing us that Princess Diana had just been killed in a car accident. The Nigger sitting about three stools down from me, enraged that his hoops was being pre-empted, suddenly jumped up and, with eyes big as saucers and malt liquor dripping from his mouth, started screaming the following:


He kept screaming variations of this over and over again, like a mantra...

...and I couldn't stop laughing.

Coontact Tale #168

When I was 11 years old my family moved from Irvine, California to Pensacola, Flordia because my father got orders there from the U.S.M.C.

Irvine was pretty much a rich town and the people in it were racially diverse. I remember that among my elementary school friends were white people, a spanish boy, a muslim boy, and several asian boys (mostly vietnemese).

I had never experienced a ghetto or the type of primitive negroid battle-apes that ghettos breed. I did not see color, and had never experienced racism.

I was just starting middle school in my new town. We lived in an old, middle class neighborhood called Myrtle Grove. There were 2 schools in my district that I could attend, and one was a private school, and with the recent move my family could not afford it. So I went to Warrington Middle School.

10 feet from the run-down brick structure was a chain-link fence seperating it from a roach-colony of niggerdom. I was shocked at what I experienced there. The most obscene of gutter language erupting from liverlips all around me. Of course I became friends with the other ONLY 3 white boys in the school. EVERY DAY niggers would come up to us demanding to see our shoes and then berating us for wearing none-name brand shoes and then showing off their $100 stolen FILAS. I never fought back, or said anything - this was all new to me, and for all I knew normal here.

So I begged my mother to buy me FILA shoes because I got harassed every day by niggers in filas. So she bought me some. The next day when the nigger and his jungle pals came to us to make fun of us they couldn't say anything about me, and I felt proud to have become more niggerly that day.

A typical Sharquita Mombasa type niggerqueen in my art class was loudly trying to sing some R&B song in her jungle dialect while we were trying to work. The white art teacher was unpredictably insane. I told her to shut up.

bad idea.

I had never been called a racist before. "WHAT?! WHAT DID JOO SAY YOU FUCKIN CRACKA?! IM GONNA GO GET DA PO-LEECE!!" So off she went to get the nigger resource officer, who brought me outside and told me Sharquita said I called her a nigger. I told her I didn't even know what nigger meant.

This one is my favorite though. In PE there was a group of niggers standing around and jabbering in their typical 'oonga boonga' dialect and randomly striking one another and spouting insults at each other. Observing this, and seeking companionship (for my white friends did not have any classes with me), I approached their circle and tried to join in, trying to make my voice sound like theirs.

Immediately their pit-bull jungle instinct kicked in and one of them punched me square in the face. I reacted instantly, tackling him to the ground, I had never been in a fight, or experienced violence before. He got up, and I stayed down, and immediately him and his two friends commenced kicking me in the head. Over and over again. I just remember trying to cover my head, in a fetal position, on the dusty ground, and feeling the blows land over and over on my head and face. The entire PE class encircled us, and watched in wonder. Look at this little white boy being beat by these three big black gorillaniggers. My PE teacher (white, thank god) ran up screaming, when he saw the commotion and the circle dispersed and the three niggers tried to run away into the crowd.

I knew exactly who they were, and the coach knew exactly who they were, so when I pressed charges, they typically still plead innocent to assault. Guess what, they ALL had criminal records of violent attacks. During the testimony, my PE teacher (very sympathetic and kind, I was very greatful to him) testified that the three black boys took turns kicking me in the head and that my head was bouncing off the ground as they kicked me.Repeatedly. Their monkey lawyer gave the most pathetic defence I had ever heard claiming that "in the heat of battle" I had been confused and picked out the wrong boys in the crowd surrounding me. Of course that leaves out the coaches ID of them.

I saw no color as a young boy until I experienced the animal hatred of niggers in a ghetto school. For years after I remained anti-racist, but every day I continued to experience TNB, and today I realize that there is no help for a race that values violence and ignorance over everything else. I fucking hate niggers.

Coontact Tale #169

Big Joe Spompano writes about a recent visit to McDonalds.

You know, sometimes Niggers can be so entertaining and they put their little shows on totally for free! To wit:

I was in town yesterday and stopped at the local Mcfastfood to grab a quick bite. I was sitting there at one of the tables where I happened to have a real good view of the counter (front row, center seat!) Two Fat mammies came plowing up just as full of themselves as can be (is there any other kind?) Mammie #1 orders and tells the little girl behind the counter "Now U make sure Iz gets the HOT fries! I don wan none of dem cole ones over dere, I wants mines right outta da grease! U unnerstan? Hot Fries!" The little girl says she does and yells over to the fry boy that she needs a basket down. Mammy #2 orders and tells the little girls that she also wants "Da same Hot fries." The girl completes the transactions and tells the two fat sows the Mike Nelson will be out to kiss their puss, er, um "That their order will take a few minutes on the fries and could they wait at the end of the counter?

So both obese whores move down to the end of the counter which happens to be on the same side as the french fryer. Its just a few feet back, BOTH niggrabeasts assume the "Arms folder over the chest" typical nigger whore "I'm waiting" pose! Both stared a hole right through that fry boy but to his credit, he wasn't fazed. He just ignored them and went about his duties.

So the few minutes pass and fry boy does his thing. Dumps the real hot fries and salts them real pretty like. He carefully scoops them up there the bagger girls IMMEDIATELY picks them up and puts them in the bag. The whole thing couldn't have taken mote than five or six seconds. ( these kids were fast!) Yet another counter employee takes the bag with the hot fries in them, folds it neatly and hands it to Sow #1 thanking her and warning that the fries just 'came out' so please be careful!

Now a NORMAL Human would have smiled at the girl, taken the bag while thanking her for the hot fries then left (ohhhh, you see this coming, don't you....) Without a WORD, Whore #1 IMMEDIATELY slams the bag on the counter, unfolds it and thrusts her fat paw into it grabbing a couple of the recently cooked fries. Now understand here that the time from the fries removal from the fryer and to the nigger whores fingers couldn't have been more than 10 seconds. She glares at the counter girls with that defiant, superior nigger glare and shoves the fries into her pie hole.

It was a show that I would have paid to see! That whores eyes became as big as silver dollars! She jumped and she bucked and she flailed her hands in front of her face as if to fan the fire in her mouth!!! She grabbed the drink from Whore #2 and must've sucked half the cup down before coming up for air! When she finally regained composer (is there such a thing with niggrawhores??) she bellowed and she hollered and she cussed! ":What the fuk you tryin to do ta me??? I burned my muthafukkin mouff! I'm gonna sue this damn place! All the while her buddy, whore #2, was standing there lending typical nigger whore support! "Baby, is you Otay? Can I gets you sumthin? Dat's rite, hunny! Dem peoples is gonna pay! What dey think they's doin tryin to burn up da customers like dat? Uh Huh! Dat's rite baby! I unnerstan! We get you to da hospital rite now!" Both whores turn to leave with #1 still whooping and bellering about "Suing dese muthafuggas-i gonna send dem my hospital bill-they ain't heard da las o' me-Iz gonna OWN dis place!"

As they left I happened to glance around at the other patrons to gage their expressions. Ever single one (that I could see) had a big smile on their face! Thank you Fat nigger whores! Without knowing it, you have bought laughter and amusement to many people on an otherwise dull day! When is the next show?......

Coontact Tale #170

Two Tales of Coontact from Big Joe Spompano back to back! (I' a Big Joe Spompano fan from alt.flame.niggers)

Happened to be at the mall with the wife yesterday and observed a mammy performing what appeared to be TNB but I'm not sure. It might have been TNB but it might have been just another typical nigger mental disorder.

To wit:

Fat Mammy happened to be walking down the aisle jabbering on her cell phone and not paying any attention to anything around her. Maintenance happened to be doing something to the floor and it was CLEARLY marked AND taped off with tall, weighted posts. Even a blind man would have seen this and avoided it. (You know what's coming, doncha?) That Fat Assed whore walked RIGHT into one of those poles causing her to stumble and drop her phone.

Now a NORMAL Human would have quietly picked up the phone and walked away embarrassed as hell hoping few people saw their error. This whore stopped dead, put her hands on her hips (typical nigger whore challenge posture) and stared directly at the pole as if tying to intimidate it into, perhaps moving out of the way. She nodded her head from side to side as if saying to the pole "Jez who da hell U tink U iz, gettin in my way?"

Could it have been this whore got a hold of some bad crack that morning and actually thought that she could intimidate that pole into apologizing and moving out of the way??? What the hell was going on in this ape's tiny little brain??? It's a fucking inanimate object, you stupid whore!!!! All of your evil looks and posturing aren't going to do a damn thing!!!

Jeeeeeezus! Who was it that said that Niggers earn their name everyday????

Coontact Tale #171

Was out for beers with an old friend last night, and I was reminded of this outburst story. It's no maple bacon but hey:

I used to work at a retail chain (Consumers Distributing for any canucks on the board). We were holding a contest to give away a BBQ, and a bin was out for people to put their names in.

One day, a black couple come in to the store, and demand to see the manager (who was on vacation). The supervisor asked them what the problem was. They said "We received a racist call from your employee!!! He said we won a BBQ then called us niggers!!!! We have proof!" Then then pulled out a tape recorder and played back a message of someone telling them they won, then saying it was a joke stupid niggers. The supervisor offered sympathy, then ask what they'd like done about it.

"Well you should give us the BBQ!". My supervisor said that was hardly a solution. The woman piped up louder saying "DAMN! RIGHT IT'S A SOLUTION! YOU DUNNO WHO YOUR MESSING WITH!!!!"

My supervisor offered to let them come back and talk to the manager, but they'd have none of that. Then the guy in a loud voice informs us:" I AM AN FBI AGENT! I CAN GET YOU FIRED! BOB RAE IS GOING TO HEAR ABOUT THIS!!!!" (this was in 1996, Bob Rae had left office two years prior). After unsuccesfully negotiating over why they should get the BBQ, we offer to let them come back and speak with a police officer, since technically it is a hate crime and charges should be pressed against the employee that did it. At that point, he gets quiet then says "Tell you what, gimme a pack of them batteries and we'll leave".

We never saw them again.

Coontact Tale #172

Let me start by saying that I'm not a racist. I believe in equality, think it's a good idea for different ethnicities to intermarry and have nothing against any particular identifiable ethnic group.

But I do use ethnoracial slurs and epithets. I use them to distinguish the average, hardworking, basically honest and decent individual from the dregs of society and the dregs of their particular group no matter what their background is.

Now to the subject of this post.

I'm riding a packed bus home today and it's cold and raining outside so the windows are all fogged up. I see this little niglette with her mother who looks like a used up ghetto slut sitting together by a window.

So the niglette who is something like 9 years old starts writing with her finger on the fogged up window. As the bus moves, the streetlights make the fogged up part glow and what the niglette is writing stands out.

The niglette writes 'FUCK' and watches her mother with every letter she writes, giggling the whole time. Her mother says nothing and does nothing. She's just looking around the bus, looking out the unfogged part of the window, acting like verything is normal.

Then after 'FUCK' the niglette writes 'YOU' and keeps looking to her mother and laughing like this is all normal. The mother still does nothing.

Then the niglette traces the letters she has written to make them stand out more boldly.

The entire time, people are looking at this in stunned silence, waiting for the ghetto whore to discipline her little niglette but she never does.

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE??? That stupid whore acted like everything was normal and there was nothing wrong with her little niglette scrawling profanity on a public bus.

At the very least that's rude.

That little niglette is going to end up being a ghetto whore like her mom and will be pregnant at 15. Then the cycle will start again.

And you know if anyone said anything to that ghetto whore about disciplining her niglette, she would have got her back up and started shouting and screaming and telling them to fuck off and don't tell he how to raise her daughter, etc.

No sense of common decency, no sense of right or wrong.... When this is the kind of exposure most non-blacks have to black people, why would they ever think of blacks in a positive light?


They're niggers?

Coontact Tale #173

It was the summer after my sophomore year at a small, midwestern Christian college. My roommate and I, who lived in the same decent-sized (200,000) midwestern town, got a job at a factory that made Meals Ready-to-Eat for the United States Army. This was during the war with Iraq, so demand was up. Being as it was a blue-collar job, there was a high quotient of negroes there (inasmuch as any negroes have jobs, but you're more likely to find them in blue-collar than in anything that requires a degree higher than elementary school). My VERY FIRST NIGHT on the job, this 250-pound black woman with the ugliest smashed-looking nose and lips the size of my johnson was working smack next to me on this meal-assembly line, on my right-hand side. Two people to my left was a younger black woman (who was 24, not married, and had two kids, but already wasting away her life in a blue-collar dead-end job). Myself and another older white woman were between these two. At some point during the night, the young darkie said that the older one needed to "stop acting like such a nigger," and the older coon pitched a fit, screaming profanities and threats in a semi-coherent string for twenty straight minutes. Mind you, I'm 5'11 but under 130 pounds, so this nigger could have eaten me for breakfast if she'd looked over and seen that I was trying my best not to break out in hysterical laughter. Such irony! One darkie has the presence of mind to tell another one that her actions make black people look bad, and the offended one bawls out in this temper tantrum that was the worst exhibit I've EVER seen from a black person!

I worked with these two people on and off for the rest of the summer, and smashed-nose never got any better. She never did any work. She specifically requested to be assigned to a job performed by two people so she could sit around and do nothing while the other person working with her (always white) busted himself to do the work for himself plus a lazy black waste of oxygen.

Anyway, that's the story of my coontact. I'm studying to be a teacher, and thankfully since teachers are in high demand I'll be able to move wherever I want to; e.g., wherever has the highest percentage white population.

Coontact Tale #174

I've been talking to this really great girl for a while and she lives kinda far away on the other end of town. So we decided to hang out for what i would imagine a good part of the day and night.

The drive took about 30-40 mins on a major highway and took about 1/2 my tank in gas total to get there and back, i drive fast. So anyway, when i get there she really didnt seem so interested anymore and we both go for a drive out to a few stores to look at computer parts and whatnot..Then we sat in my car deciding what to do and start driving back to her house to watch tv or get something to eat.

Then she gets a phone call on her cellphone: Turns out her sister's boyfriend's car broke down and has to get to work. Guess what? Yep..Hes a nigger. Only niggers are dumb enough to have their car break down that it inconvieniences me. So what she did was told me to drive back to her house then go home, in all sense of the word. I asked "Why do you care so much that its worth telling me to piss off?" "Because he can get fired!" "And you care?" "Yeah"

So, I had nothing else to say to her, She claimed to have white power friends and didnt like black people. I beg to differ, i really dont plan to see or talk to her anymore after this..Selling me out for some chimp doesn't fly by me. I went a few hours out of my way to meet this girl, for nothing.

Niggers are always causing problems, especially for the honest white people like me and you. And it goes to show. Our arrangement ended about 8 hours earlier then planned. Oh she also mentioned having to go help someone move, I was just thinking "why didn't you tell me before?"

On the way back home I had some spic yelling and waving his arms at me, i dont know why, fuck it.

It's always a disaster when white women cavort with niggers.
Coontact Tale #175

The next Coontact Tale comes to us from the once all white country of Norway. It's a sad story that continues to be repeated all over Western Europe where the ruling liberal PC party mistakes niggers for human beings and, as white population growth is slowing, invites niggers in to fill the labor market.

This is a huge mistake!

The first mistake is the PC belief that niggers are human which they are not.

The second mistake is believing niggers will come to "fill the labor market". Bullshit! Niggers will only come to fill the welfare rolls living on the public dole placing an ever increasing tax burden on the few whites left in the job market.

This story is repeating itself all across Europe. In The Netherlands city of Amsterdam Muslims outnumber Christians attending Kindergarten and we can only guess when The Netherlands becomes a shithole Islamic Republic.

The only cure for Norway is for voters to go to the polls and have the courage to vote out the PC liberals who make these horrible mistakes of welcoming niggers and muslims as immigrants. You need to do it now before it is to late.


I may start by introducing myself. I am a 19 years old student, located in Norway. For those of you who think that this country is a pure white one- well, you may think again. My homeland is turning into a sewer. Immigrants are rewarded with 100 000 kroner, about 10 000 $, if they agree to learn our language. In Oslo, our capital, 20% of the inhabitants are immigrants. Even worse than this, is the fact that among people born in Oslo after 1993, there is over 60 % immigrants. This is caused by the fact that our white birth rate is decreasing, while the opposite happens to the spawn rate of the immigrants.

These facts and numbers have teared at my soul for a long time now, and eventually they have lead me into a big amount of trouble.

Seven weeks ago, my sister was at a party with some of her friends. After a while, several negro beasts entered the location where the party was held. They started to make obscene gestures towards most of the white girls at the party, including my sister. Eventually, my sister made some racist comments to one of them. This resulted in her getting slapped by the negro. She called me, and told me about the actions of this animal.

I got furious, and got out my medieval armour which I use when I play role playing games.

I grabbed my full size mace and entered my car. Then I drove to the house where the party was. The first thing I heard was the primitive jungle beats from the negro music. As I got out of my car, protected by my somewhat shining armour, some people laughed at me. I ignored them, and got into the house. Here I was met by my sister. She pointed out the negro. He was a pretty big person in baggy pants, and he wore some strange hat on his head. I was told that his name was Kofi. I walked directly up to him, and confronted and challenged him. One of his friends tried to push me, but I kept my stance, and swung my mace into his shoulder. Everybody in the room seemed very shocked as I did this. Several girls screamed, and some of the people told me to get Kofi. Kofi was looking at me whit his primitive look, and pulled out a small knife from his jacket. I was not afraid, as I wore my medieval, honourable armour. I attacked him with all my might, and the mace hit him in the head. It was a very strange feeling, it was like if my ancestors swung my weapon for me. Kofi fell to the ground, and I walked towards the door. Everybody seemed very afraid of me, exept some of the males, who encouraged me. Then I drove home.

After about 15 minutes, the police was at my door. Now I have to pay 7000 kroner, about 700$ , to this filthy negro. I also have to do community service in three months. This is likely to affect my grades. I get very good results on my tests, and I plan to educate myself so that I may get high positions in society. This way I will be able to do something to stop the race mixing in my country.

I would like to show my respect to everybody who devotes their time to this honourable case!

Coontact Tale #176

Oh, for those that don't know, those that don't realize the extent of the sheer ugliness - even, yes, let's say the evil, of the Negro race, you'd better take heed, for by the time you learn, much damage will have been done. I grew up in foster care; I was placed in an emergency foster home in Richmond, CA - a very cruel thing to do to a small White child. I was about seven, I suppose, when one day while walking to the store for candy, I was approached and punched in the face by a group of young adult Negroes. I could not go to school; I was chased home every day, and harassed every minute while in school. The foster mother, a Negro, said, "Don' be runnen' back here when yous be chased! Go die in da street!. It went on and on; once a group of Negroes put fire-crackers in my pockets and tried to light them. Too young to defend myself, I was at the mercy of these horrible animals, but they had none. Every single White female I ever talked to that went to an all-black school lost their virginity by being raped by a nigger. Every. Single. One. There is no escape from these filthy creatures that breed like rats, and the Negro worship that seems to be the trend in our society allows their encroachment; what will the U.S. be like when they out-number us sixteen-to-one as in South Africa? I envision a nightmarish scene anent "The Planet of the Apes" - only the White women spared for the purpose of rape; the Negro women are so ugly that the males seek to breed outside of their race. This right from the horses-asses mouth. To wit:[over heard] "Dat sista look good. Sistas mostly fuckt-ed-up looken' but dat sista be light-skind-ed..."

Where will it end? Just the other day at the Metrion a little nigger of about fifteen was walking up to people - seniors mostly, and stomping his foot just to frighten them. How much will we put up with? I cannot write much of what I saw from these nasty things, but most is synonymous with what is posted on the Coontact Web page. Here is good advise that might just save your ass: get PEPPER SPRAY! It works and will allow you to safely survive the dangerous, violent Negro when it attacks. Use it intelligently; don't bet your life with it, but all whites should have it - especially women. Don't fool yourself into thinking that they don't hate you - they do.

Thank you for your contribution and while not a specific Tale of Coontact it is indeed a valuable and telling piece. I can't imagine being seven years old being forced to live amonst nigger savages and I can only imagine how you must have hated every monent of it!

My sweet Jesus, it just occured to me that this is the stuff Stephen King novels are made of.

If you are a parent of my advice is to get your children away from niggers regardless of the cost. Move, quit your job if you have to and live in a trailer park but whatever you do do not allow your children to be around niggers... it is the worst form of child abuse I can think of.

Coontact Tale #177

I'd like to share a story of coontact that I experienced not too long ago.

It was during the summer and I was taking intermediate algebra at my local college. I'm lucky enough to live in a mostly white city. Nevertheless, we have our share of niggers. I was unfortunate enough to have one of the shit sKKKinned bootlipped savages in my class.

I know what you're asking, how did a nigger with an IQ of 75 or less make it past 3rd grade? Well, as you know, the west coast of Ohio has the highest Liberal concentration anywhere.

As you already know, this nigger sat at the back of the class while he constantly chatted up a storm with his whigger buddies. One day, my teacher, who comes from Middle Easter descent, asked him to draw the inverse of a mathematical function.

It may sound hard on paper, but if you follow a short series of steps, it's quite simple. The first step, the one you can't accomplish anything without, is to draw the line y=x. For the fellow Massas who may be a bit rusty on their math, this is the line y=x ( a pretty simple concept no? Especially when the teacher had drawn it about 500 times during the course of the semester, each time saying "Learn this line!".

Well, the nigger got up to the board and just froze. My teacher had always given every other student that came up a hint if they got stuck. I don't know if the teacher wanted to punish the poor shit sKKKinned moon cricket, or if his ancestry of training the savage nigger race to build pyrimids controlled him somehow, but he was dead silent. Even the students would shout out a tip at times, but no one wanted help this boot lipped nigger. His whigger buddies couldn't help him because they were dumber than he was.

After about 3 long, hard minutes, the nigger said he didn't know what to do, the teacher said "start by drawing the line y=x". Another 5 minutes passed. Finally the nigger said something that sounded like "muh dicKKK" and said he didn't know what to do and sat down with his whigger buddies.

The teacher nearly flipped "Why are you in my class? How did you get in my class? If you can't draw y=x you will never pass my class!". The nigger, who seemed to be intimidated by the descendant of his family's former Massas, just slunked down in his chair. The teacher then called on me to graph the problem, I almost didn't want to do it because it was so easy. I got up, grabbed a marker that didn't have NIGGER stench on it and 5 seconds later I was done with the whole problem.

It's been said before but it can be said again, "The NIGGER earns its name every day".

Coontact Tale #178

Here is my entry below. Thanks.......It has taken me almost 3 hours to read all the coontacts. Reading is not something I ordinarily like to do but I found myself glued. I laughed and laughed and almost cried. My contribution below....Thanks

It was friday evening around six o'clock and I just got off work a little later than usual. It was also payday. I then realized it was after 6 and the bank was closed. But I really needed to cash my check because funds were running low and I needed cash over the weekend. Then I thought, well I'll just ride my motorcycle down to that store that always cashed two party checks when I was a teen. I was confident I could pull this off smoothly without delay. Boy was I wrong. I walk in the door and thought "Oh good, this will be quick. I just have to wait behind these two muds before I get my cash." One of them looked like Raul-O from Sanford & Son. And the other the typical shaved jig with two earings and a toothpick in his chicken holster. They had this big shopping bag and began taking frozen meat out of this bag and placing it on the counter. As they placed the meat on the counter a nice clean cut whi! te man waiting on them said "what can I help you gentlemen with today?" Raul-O replies "Dis meat is bad" and his mud sidekick backs him up by mumbling "yeah, dis meat be spoilt n' shit" Then the cashier began inspecting the meat paying close attention to the tag. After watching this close I see the cashier see something on the packages he thought interesting. Then he begins to compare the packages with meat with the first one he had seen. Then after he looks at about 7 different packages of meat he gets this crooked grin on his face. He had the same crooked grin on his face that my girlfriend tells me I get when I try to hold back laughter. He then swallows his laughter and said in a professional manner "I'll need to show my supervisor this to properly process this refund" Raul-O then interupts his walking away by saying "Nah Nah Nah Dis meat be spoilt, we know!" The cashier politely said "One moment sir". Both the muds then look at each other and mumble somet! hing about "dis is bowshit" The cashier soon returns with his supervisor eager to show him the tags on the meat. The manager looks at all the tags on the meat and then makes eye contact with his employee and gives the same crooked smile. I was eager to find out what these guys were on about. I knew it was coming soon. And then the time came. The manager looks at the muds and said "Sir, this meat is THREE YEARS OLD" The shit hit the fan and them two niggers just stared at each other with their biscuit lipped jaws dropped. Soon the criminal instincts had taken back over and they both began repeating "But deez meat be spoilt n' shit" "Well thats because its three years old" the cashier said. "we have changed the stores name since then". They tried to keep repeating themselves like typical nigger behavior, thinking they will get the the handout they usually get from being so persistant. The manager had dealt with nigs before (you could tell) and finally layed do! wn the law with "we are not taking this 3 year old meat back PERIOD END OF STORY". So they pack up their meat and leave.

I get to the counter and sign my paycheck. The cashier said he was sorry for the wait. I present my check and he replies "I am sorry sir we can't cash checks over $200 since we were robbed last month, Sorry". I wanted to be angry but I knew being an ass to him would do nothing but drag my knuckles to the nigger's level. I say thank you sir and leave.

Oh and what luck, I observed them walking down the street. Evil Grin. You see I ride one of those collectable 2 cycle engine powered crotch rockets.(rz350) Ya know the run nigger nigger nigger sound like a dirt bike but in a crotch rocket. Well since ya mix the gas and oil in these things they smoke. They smoke like a cloud if they are not warmed up and ya have the choke on. So I get on the bike, choke on and ride towards them. And right when I get right behind them I redline the thing with choke on and fly past them! Its scares the hell out of both of them. Then I look in my rear view and here are these 2 niggers in this huge blue cloud of smoke waving their arms about mad as hell. hahahahahaha I didn't have the cash to go out that night but that smoke fumagation I gave them two jigs was worth staying home for a lifetime.

Coontact Tale #179

A black girl in her late teens or early twenties bumped into me today.

I was standing still looking into a shop window; she walked around a corner with a group of her friends -- all in oversized Raiders jackets -- and into me.

Before I could say anything she had the gaul to say "Watch your damn self" and she pushed me.

She fucking pushed me! She had long lacquered fingernails with jewels in them.

I was stymied. I immediately flashed "TNB" in my head.

Have I been on FC too long? I'm not a racist

Coontact Tale #180

Read Michael Levin's "Why Race Matters". ISBN # 0-275-95789-6

True story follows, happened yesterday around 3:30 PM Central time.

Went to a local large supermarket that offers, at its deli section, friend and rotisserie chicken. (I am Caucasian, by the way...)

The fried chicken that I wanted was alomost all gone, so I asked the counter woman (who was a tall, thin Negress in her 40s) when the next batch of fried chicken would be done. She asked if I had any other hsopping to do, since the next batch would be done in about 12 minutes. I thought to myself, leave now and go to Popeyes or go read a magazine or two at the magazine rack for 10 minutes and come back.

I decided to go to the magazine rack.

10 minutes later, I head back to the deli section, and I see the Negress working over by the deep fryers.

I go get a number, and get in line.

She sees me and says to me "I just put the chicken in it will be about 15 minutes or so for it to be done".

Inside, I'm thinking, HOW FUCKING RETARDED CAN THESE MONKEYS BE??? Didn't she tell me 10 minutes ago that she'd have a new batch of fried chicken in about 12 minutes? Yet when I returned at approx. the appropriate time, she's JUST STARTING TO PUT IN A FRESH BATCH OF CHICKEN INTO THE DEEP FRYER.

Either these Negroids are too stupid to figure things out, especially how her laziness lost her employer another sale, or they do it on purpose, like the retarded children that they are.

History will praise Hitler as a visionary in 100 years......

Coontact Tale #181

Ok gather round you fecal colored critters your Aunt Jaona has yet another bed time story for you. As I have said I am an avid bicyclist and last weekend we were coming back from a 120 mile ride when we stopped at a mini mart gas station for water and a rest before the last leg of our journey. As we rode in a 400 kilogram sow drove in and parked its car at a pump.I said to my husband "lets just keep going" but he insisted so we went in and got a couple of bottles of water. Now keep in mind that gas is 1.47 for regular and 10 cents a gallon as you go up the octane scale. The sow tells the rag head behind the counter gimmi five dollars on pump two and the rag head tells her (very nicely I might add)"we are out of regular. She says "you gonna gimmi premium at the regular price?and he explains that he can't, that it's not his station and he would get in trouble.The sow starts yelling "I works for a living and I am a tax payer" and it storms out, pours its fat ass back into its car and drives away. I thought hey that was not so bad, we got off easy, the fat cow didn't include us and we could go on without coontact. We paid for our water and went on about our ride. As we rode out of the drive way there was super mammy. She grabbed my husband and pulled him off his bike. I work in an institution full of coons and the average white man/woman may not understand just how strong one of these monkeys is . It would seem that her car ran out of gas about two blocks down and she was coming back for what ever twisted revenge she could muster. I grabbed my pepper spray a said GET BACK, and she did. Then she started going on about how we were witnesses to racism and how she was going to sue this gas station for denying her fuel for her car. My husband said wait a minute they are out of regular gas and you don't want to pay an extra dime so you run out of gas and some how that is a racist plot against you. Well the negress gives my husband the old "you're white you don't understand what it is to be black in this country and my husband said "I guess not" and we rode off. about ten blocks down, sirens and police are coming from every direction and I said how much you want to bet that she went into that mini mart and beat the shit out of that Arab. And the moral of the story? The moral is, if a coon is within ten miles of you, they are too close.

This story begs the question, if everything is racist and the whole of the country is against you. Why are you here? I speak with a hell of an accent and niggers at bravo and Charlie/Ramstien would tell me "just wait bitch till you get back to the states they gonna show you some of what we brutha's been gittin. Well I am still waiting (it has been twenty years). What you jigs don't understand and never will is that it's not your accent or the color of your skin that makes a large part of America hate and distrust you. The black man will need to do a lot of soul searching and a lot of self correction before he is treated as an equal here or any where for that matter.

good night.

Coontact Tale #182

Unfortunate encounter with a black person at Safeway :(

I'm not a racist but sometimes dealing with these people is really hard. I was at the local Safeway at 3pm and there was this 25 stone female yard-monkey in front of me. buying the usual monkey fare like yams, maple bacon, fried chicken etc. Unfortunately once her stuff was scanned it turned out she was 19 cents short. She asked the check-out assistant if she could pay later (like she'd ever be back!) but he refused and told her to take something out the bag.

Amazingly rather than do that she then turned around to me and with full eye-contact asked if I could lend her the 19 cents. Man, I don't even know this bitch and she's asking me to fund her nigger lifestyle of excess! And you know if it had been for stuff for little black kiddies like diapers or formula I might have offerred myself, but no way was I going to pay this fucking buffalo to go home and gorge her fat black face on bacon and oreos.

I looked away slightly embarrassed and mumbled no I dont have it whereupon she started calling me cracker, racist mother fucker and I'd give her the money if she was white. The check-out person just sighed as did every other person in the line (its a white 'hood).

The obese heffer ended up putting her Clorox wipes back (yeah, can do without cleaning but cant do without ma maple bacon). I'm so glad I dont have to live next to these bastards.

Coontact Tale #183

Let me tell you a couple stories, which will probably frustrate you. They deal with TNB, and what I like to call TWB(Typical Whigger behavior).

I live in xxxxxxx, I am an RN and I used to work in a nursing home on the night shift. I was in charge of the facility at night. I was the only white there at night. The rest were nigger nurses aides. I caught one sleeping one night, not just nodding off, mind you, but laid out on a couch snoring. I woke her up, and then wrote her up. She went to the assistant Director of nurses, the next morning, (who was also a nigger), and told her I was picking on her, and "She bees predjust".

Of course the assistant xxxxx took up for her and made ME out to be the heavy and tore the written warning up. (Under company policy, she should have been fired).

Needless to say I quit after a time. I got a job in a hospital, and not long after, I ran into a nurse, (white) that used to work the day shift, and she told me the nigger nurses aide I wrote up had gotten caught punching an elderly (white) patient in the face, and gave her a black eye!

Coontact Tale #184

My husband and I are both from Mississippi, so we have NO SHORTAGE of TNB stories, and in fact here is another one-

My husband and I were going to the bank, and he sat in the car while I walked up to the ATM machine. Along comes this car load of nigger bucks through the parking lot, booming their rap music on their stereos, and whooping and hollering, and making obscene remarks to me. IT made my blood run cold, let me tell you, but it made my husband hot, and I mean RED HOT! I got in the car and my husband peeled out after them. At the next red light he slammed the car into park, and went to the niggers window, and said,

"What was that you said to my wife, nigger?"

The nigger darn near turned WHITE! He said "No suh! No suh! Ahhze wadnt tawkin atchoo wife suh.. no suh, no suh. Ahhze sow-ee, suh!"

It was hilarious.

My husband got in back in the car and said " I bet those niggers think twice before talking trash to another white woman!"

Coontact Tale #185

Another incident took place here at my home. My husband and I raise horses, and our property borders on a niggers property. This nigger owns a donkey.

One night my husband was up at our barn feeding the horses and he heard a commotion at the niggers barn. (Actually "falling down shed" would better describe it) The donkey had a halter and rope on, and the nigger had tied it in the shed, and a piece of scrap metal had fallen across the rope and the donkey was trapped with its head down, and trying to get free. The poor thing was almost choking to death. My husband cut the rope with a knife, and noticed the donkey had no water, and in it's food pan was a handful of jelly beans!! Yes. My husband gave the poor animal some water, and some grain and hay. My husband then called the animal control and reported it. They finally showed up 2 days later and the woman came over to MY house. (She was a white woman in her late 20's), and she gave ME hell.

She told me she could find nothing wrong with the animal, or its quarters, and told me, "Mr So and So, (the nigger) told me to tell you if you or your husband ever set foot on his property again he is going to have you arrested" plus the nigger told her to tell us we owed him the money for the lead rope we cut! The animal control officer said "I think this is a case of discrimination." I told her what she could do with her discrimination, after explaining again, what kind of shape the animal was in, but it did no good.

Now when my husband goes to the barn he sometimes sees the nigger on his property hiding behind a tree. He says to the donkey, "Hey donkey! Tell that nigger I can see him, and if he brings his black as over here, I will kick it for him!"

It's funny, but it's not.

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. You should start a "Typical Whigger List" on your site, I think it would be funny!


Niggers should never be allowed to care for animals.
Coontact Tale #186

Black Contractor took A SHIT in my yard yesterday!

Not behind a tree, Not even near the back of the yard. Right IN THE MIDDLE of the yard, in clear view of the neighbors. I almost did not believe it at first. The proof was that he used the Krystal napkins that I brought them (I bought them lunch earlier to be nice). The shit covered napkins were just kind of laying around the shit.

Anyway, I did not say anything until they were done and ready for their money. I was pretty sure which one did it so I just handed him a plastic bag and shovel. He went out and got it up.

Not behind a tree or anything, Just right in the middle of the yard.

Coontact Tale #187


I went into a Walgreen's in response to an ad that they had a photo-develop special: "$6.99 and get one free." To make sure there was no "catch," I asked the Negress behind the counter, "So, your special is $3.50 apiece, huh?" "No," she replied, "It is $6.99 and get one free." "OK," I responded. "If I get two, that would be $3.50 each, right?"

"No," she stammered, becoming more and more agitated while raising her voice considerably.

Finally, after going through this several times, she hollered, "I'm calling the manager."

I asked him if the "special" was $3.50 each and he said, "Yes." I then said that the Negress had said, "No." He looked her way, rolled his eyes, then said, "Well, what did you expect?"

What we have here is a classic case of "Niggerstanding".

What is "Niggerstanding"?

"Niggerstanding" is a general bewilderment resulting from Caucasian demands that are inappropriately placed upon their inferior negroid cohabitants. The lack of mental acuity exhibited by negro's will cause that unmistakable "lost and confused" look when they are challenged to any more thinking than would be required to light a crack pipe. The inferior negro's lack of understanding can be demonstrated in the following examples...

- You attempt to take a defective item back to the store and the help person is a negro. They look lost, confused and are totally unhelpful because they just don't understand.

- A technical meeting of engineers, which includes a negro who received his diploma from Zulu Tech. The limits of his niggerstanding are quickly exceeded, and it sounds to him that the Whites in the room are speaking a foreign language. Negro's simply dismiss intelligent conversation as "crackerbabble".

Coontact Tale #188

Seems to me that a new class of Negroid is starting an invasion of America from the south. Illegal Mexicans. Millions have flooded across our southern border.

So, I am walking out of 7-11 on Wilcox and Franklin, Hollywood, Los Angeles.

I really hate this 7-11 but go there a few times a week, usually to get a pack of smokes and a red bull in the morning. Everytime I go there some bum is outside asking for money. I think they may rotate their hussle as there seems to be a different Bum there everyday.

At any rate, I am walking out of 7-11 go back to my car (2001 Trans AM, Ram Air, etc) nice car. This big fat Mexican comes up to be and tells me he likes my car. I say "thanks" kind of surprised, as no one makes small talk in Los Angeles. Especially a Mexican with a white boy.

I start to open my door, and I sense his burrito breath, so I knew he was still hovering around. The guy then asks me if I had a few bucks as his car is out of gas, typical fucking loser story we all hear. I say sorry I dont and continue to get into my car, barely giving him a look.

Three more of these fucks come out of nowhere and almost all in unison say something to the degree that it would be best that I just give them money and not let this turn into a problem.

So, it is almost 1 am in the morning, I am in Hollywood, no cops in sight , no white boy backup in sight, I give in and start to reach for my wallet. Immediately, I get jumped by three of the guys while the other just grabs my wallet. they punch me three or four times. They then ran away.

I am no small guy, 210, 6-3.. I did not even bother calling the police. Police response rate in Hollywood is about 45 mins.

At any rate, I am so sick of these fucking Mexicans and their crime. Yes, I did get owned and maybe even expected this as I do nothing but bash Mexicans all day long, they are the butt of pretty much every joke I say and included in every argument I give about why California now sucks.

I have no doubt that if I had a gun and this happened to me, I would have shot these fucking guys in rage and would not have cared. This is how much I hate them and how much I have always hated them.

I really think illegal Mexicans are parasites that are bringing down Cali. I would have no problem with spending my tax dollars on a force that was dedicated to rounding up these fuckers and bring them back to Mexican. If they get caught with more then one border violation, they get shot. Think about how much cleaner and how much less crime there would be.

The are parasites that plague other areas of the country from California to South Carolina and Texas to Idaho. It is going to get much worse before it gets better.

Coontact Tale #189

I'm sending you a coontact experience that my son had.

I sent him to the soda machine of our apartments to buy a few Pepsi's. He walked up to the machine, got the soda's and began walking back. On the way,he passed the pool which is surround by the typical bar fencing. He heard some rattling and niggerbabble noises and turned to see a little niglet in true chimp form. The niglet was holding a bananna in one hand and shaking the bars with the other. My son busted out laughing and saw clear niggerstanding on both mammmy and baby chimps faces and of course that made him laugh even more.


Coontact Tale #190

That site of yours is hilarious. I've got a few stories to share but I'll limit it to one for now.

(Thank you!)

I had a carpet cleaning job for an apartment complex on the wrong side of town. As I set the truck up to clean the empty apartment this small group of 4 black kids (ages 4-7) crowd around the van. The machine takes up the whole entrance of the van’s side door, it’s big and noisy. Anyways this group decide that it’s OK to press buttons turn switches and knobs on this machine even after repeatedly telling them not to touch anything. I finally get ready to start cleaning after resetting everything they’ve done and proceed inside to work. While inside I can see them from the window of the room I had started in and they quickly crowded around the machine again. Within a few seconds they managed to find the switch that turns the machine off. I go back out reset the controls back tell them to leave it alone and return to working. Seconds later the machine cuts off again. I’m getting pissed off and go back out to the van and sternly tell them to leave the van alone. They swear they didn’t touch it and it turns out the van indeed cut off by itself. I spend several minutes trying to figure out why it shut off then spend several more minutes mixing up some more chemical solution hoping the kids would loose interest and leave. All in vain because they were still there huddled up right beside the machine talking to each other. I shake my head thinking this job is going to take forever if they’re going to keep messing with my equipment and cranked the machine back to life. It’s exhaust bellows out and scares the daylights out of those kids who jumped straight up, the lot of them hooting and hollering as they continued to jump around in wide circles. I cracked a big smile due to the resemblance of a troop of startled chimps. Cracks me up every time I think of it.

Coontact Tale #191

Hahaha. Nigger Hygiene. While I would disagree that black males are the worst. Overweight black females are the worst. They're too fat to wipe their asses easily and too lazy to try really hard.

When I was a freshman in college I worked in a convenience store as a cashier. The gay manager hired this fat nigger mammy (she didn't last long because she couldn't tolerate having to stand all day) and on a few occassions I worked all day with her - side-by-side at adjacent cash registers. She always came in to work smelling heavily of baby powder but that's all you smelled. But the first time she'd go to the bathroom she'd come back smelling like shit and each time she went to the bathroom it got worse. (I learned that fat nigger mammies shit approximately 2-3 times per 8 hour period) I could tell she was trying to hide the odor with baby powder because she'd come back from the bathroom with white baby powder hand marks on her black stretch pants. She was so malodorous by the end of the shift the customers would start to make faces (like they smelled shit) when they approached the counter. The first day I thought that maybe she was just sick, having GI problems and diarrhea or something but this happenned each day that she worked with me. Finally I had to tell the gay manager about it and but he told me that she resigned..

The next time you see one of those really fat niggermammies you can rest assured that she's got a half of a load of shit smeared all over her ass.

Thank you for sharing that with us.

I was just enjoying a cup of coffee while reading and it completely fucked it up. Disgusting filthy creatures, even pigs are cleaner in their natural environment.

Coontact Tale #192

I work in the medical field and it is a frequent occurance that I would need to perform a rectal exam on a black person. This is as a scheduled outpatient visit and more often than not- there is a pile of unwiped feces in their buttocks

They simply don't wipe their ass after they take a dump.

I guess they wait till they get home and then shower.

The problem is worst in young black men. But they all do it.

I have even noticed at work when a black is in a stall that they will not wipe thier ass after taking a dump- at least I don't hear the sound of the toilet paper.


And remember, a lot of them work in the food industry

I was then asked these two questions.

Two questions: 1) why do you"listen" for toilet paper out of stalls?, and 2) why do you have this preoccupation with black people?

To which I resonded:

1. I wanted to see if this was a ghetto black or office black quality. so i listened to my co-workers who aare aneducated and well to do lot.

2. They are fascinating. An entire subcommunity within our borders that are so completely foreign and have such odd habits

This is s disgusting topic but then niggers are disgusting and it suits them. Niggers = Unevolved suboid savages.

Coontact Tale #193

Brother, I am very familiar with Kansas City, both sides of the river, so I know some of the experiences that you speak of. I know that 12th and Quindaro in K.C.K. was the most dangerous place to be after dark and that Prospect is still not a place for a life loving White man to be. My nephews best friend and his 8 month pregnant sister were murdered by niggers on Troost, for no reason other than being White.

I have a friend who was tossed off the inter-city viaduct by 4 niggers while stopping them from raping a White girl; I had a friend who was belly shot by coons in his own apartment when he answered the door in an attempted robbery; I have a 100 stories of coontact that is actually cooninvasion, from K.C. alone. But I will not go into them. Instead I will give you this one:

I started associating with Bikers when I was 14 - the real genuine 24k breed. Naturally, I became one . Anyway, this story is about one of my Biker brothers in K.C., Mo.:

Nutbucket, as we called him, was about 5'7" tall and weighed about 125. One night after leaving a viewing of a family member who had died he decided to stop at a friends on the Missouri side of the river since that is where the viewing was. Now, Nutbucket parked his wifes car in a parking lot in a self serve all night station and began walking the 2 blocks to his partners apartment. Less than a block from the store a white skinned female approches him. His description: "Her hair is some color of brown, shes got sores all over her face and she is strung out BIG TIME on some kinda downer; probably junk. Shes dirty and smells like shit." She offers him sex for money. He turns her down and tries to keep walking. Now this stupid junky grabs Nutbucket by the arm. Well, being on probation his hair is short; Coming from a "respectfull" funeral viewing he is in a suit. He shrugs the bitch off. Out of the darkness comes a negro feller and he demands that Nutbucket leave his woman be.

Nutbucket tells them both to fuck off. The 'roid, as in hemmoroid, says "Man you owes me money for fuckin' wid my woman." Nutbucket is more than an ounce of pissed and he says "How much?"

'Roid says "20 dollar, man."

Nut says, "okay. Will that square it?"

"Sho' ", says homeboy. So Nut slowly reaches into his right rear pocket while keeping an eye on the 'roid. Quickly Nut pulls his hand from his pocket and, with a .25 caliber Berretta he had taken from his wifes glovebox, he aims and pulls the trigger in the niggers face. Naturally, the piece doesnt fire. But Nut aint no fool. He knows .25 autos are inclined to do that with the brand of shells that were in it. So he holds the gun steady. Meanwhile, homie is shaking. Then just as 'roid boy moves, the gun goes off. The bullet goes through the negros left ear and he screams, " Oh chit, oh chit! That White boy done shot me! That white boy done kilt me!" Then he fell to the ground, holding his ear.

Now the once White girl, who has been infected with negrosis is still standing there dumbfounded.

"I know I am going to jail," Nutbucket tells me later. "So what the fuck, right? I point this piece of shit .25 at her mug and I pull the fuckin' trigger. Of course the piece a shit misfires again. So again I hold it steady. SHE fuckin' moves! The gun fires! No shit, I shoot a nigger across the street I dont even know is there! This is my good luck. I run from there, right? The law shows up. They bust the coon I shot by accident for 'possesion with intent to distribute' cuz he's carrin' a bunch of dope and connect the other two with him! Its a fuckin' drug deal gone bad, as far as the law is concerned!"

I loved Nutbucket then, and I love his memory now. He was an Aryan Brother. R.I.P. Nut.

"Negrosis"? An absolutely a beautiful term which will be added to the AFN dictionary!

I know well the areas you speak of and they are dangerous areas indeed!

Coontact Tale #194 (May 15,2004)

Here's a coontact tale that was relayed to me by one of my co-workers.

She was standing in line at the grocery store Saturday night (the night before Mother's Day) and witnessed one of the most outrageous nigger outbursts I have ever heard of. As she was waiting to check out, she heard a commotion at the customer service desk. A fat negress was screaming a bunch of niggerbabble at the girl behind the counter. Apparently, the negress thought the the prices of the flowers in the floral department were too high...or maybe she was pissed that she couldn't buy them with her food stamps or WIC vouchers.

Anyway, not satisfied with what she was told at the customer service counter, the negress waddled back to the floral department and proceeded to turn over a display table, scattering flowers and broken vases all over the floor. She then picked up a potted flower, walked back to the customer service desk, and threw it at the poor girl behind the counter. Luckily, she missed. The negress then stormed out of the store, still shouting niggerbabble, as everyone in the store stood in shock at what they had just witnessed. I hope someone got her tag number as she drove off so that her black ass can be put behind bars.

Classic case of "chimping out"!

Coontact Tale #195 (May 16,2004)

A few years ago, when food stamps came as coupons in a little booklet, I was at a yard sale searching for that ever elusive something that I didn't have and probably doesn't exist, But even now I still can't pass a sale or an action without stopping. If I don't, someone else is going to get that long lost treasure and I am forever going to be in regret.

Anyway, I am at this sale that was attended to by an elderly White couple. I'm perhaps five feet from them. I think I smelled the spooks before I saw them maybe that is why they are called "spooks". I look behind me and there stands a skinny spade and his greasy "utter half" in all their black glory. They are perhaps 10 feet from the old couple.

"Hey," says mammy. "You all wants five dollar for dis rad'o. Will you take ten dollar in foo' stamp?" I'm not use to that at any kind of sale and it took me clean off guard. Then it sank in and I started to laugh. The older couple obviously had worked all of their lives and didn't even know what a "foo' stamp" was. I finally got my shit together and explained to the good White couple that "foo' stamps" is something the government gives as an "entitlement" to people who weren't entitled to anything. They still looked confused.

So, I walked over, picked up the radio and said: "Here, I'll give you six dollars if you dont take their foo' stamps!" The old man took my money and smiled, the niggers walked away, monkey mumblin'. Then, as I was leaving, I heard the old woman say to her spouse: "Fucking niggers." I turned and looked at her and we all started laughing. Great day for all of us.

"Foo stamps"? Haha! Niggers really look at them like they were fucking money. The old man said it right; "Fucking niggers".

Coontact Tale #196 (May 17, 2004)

Giving Black Women The Finger, Volume 1, Issue 1 Submitted By GBWTF (Not O\/\/ned Mr Adolph bin Streisand)

Okay, here goes. over the past few weeks, I've picked up this endlessly enjoyable little hobby during my drive to and from my office downtown. What I'll do is take a detour through the seedier areas of the city on my way in, and cruise around until I see one or more black women on the sidewalk. At that point, I'll give a cheerful little honk from my horn and flip them the bird.

I swear to God, it's by far the most entertaining part of my workday. The reactions are priceless: head-bobbing, fat-jiggling dances of pure rage, with nigh-unintelligible cascades of profanity echoing through the streets. Sometimes they'll run after my car as I pull away; sometimes they'll give me both middle fingers back; every so often, they'll throw at me whatever they have on hand (umbrellas, sandwiches, a can of Dr. Pepper). Only rarely do they disappoint by ignoring me or staring silently in confusion.

In the coming days and weeks, I'll bring you along as I document my daily dose of mischief amongst our city's notoriously volatile African-American females.

Be sure to tune in and enjoy.

First, a few words about my methods. I work in a high-rise downtown, and before I started by daily hobby of Giving Black Women The Finger, I drove my M3 to work. (No, I am not claiming that the M3 is a great car, or that it makes me a "playa." It's a fairly nice ride, but that's it.) But I quickly realized that my ghetto encounters would jeapordize the paint job and body panels of my good car, so as of a few weeks ago, I started taking my old beat-up Corolla to work. When my wife asked why, I explained that I was trying to keep miles off the good car. Which is almost true, if you replace "miles" with "furiously thrown Chicken McNuggets."

So, my commute into the city has changed a bit; I take a different exit from the freeway, one that forces me to drive through some crappy neighborhoods and projects on route to the financial district. Of course, these areas are predominantly black. So with some persistence, I can drive around a bit until I find one or more black women walking or standing on the sidewalk, and with a green light at the next intersection. The green light is essential; the last thing I want is to get stuck at a light and have the offended nigress catch up to me and take it our on my car.

Thus, with the black woman in my sights, I slow the car to a crawl until I'm just about even with her. This gets her attention, of course - apparently, black women are used to and acutely aware of cars slowing down to check them out and/or shake them down. As soon as eye contact is made, I wait for the recognition in her eyes that I'm not the black male she was expecting, but a wealthy-looking white guy in sunglasses and a decent suit. Once that's established, I flash a big smile, and give her the finger. And that's when the hilarity ensues.

In all honesty, out of the 10-15 drive-bys I accomplish in a week, at most only four or five are truly memorable. But stay tunes, loyal readers, and I shall post them.

We might have a series here! By the way some have said this wasn't the work of FC Registered poster GBWTF but I can assure you it is. I copied him, he did not copy me.
Coontact Tale #197 (May 17, 2004)

Yes! GBWTF is providing us with a series for our entertainment!

I'll start off with a particularly memorable encounter which occurred a couple weeks ago. I had left work for the day and was cruising through the "bad" neighborhoods on my way to the freeway entrance, looking for a victim. And there she was: probably about 35, at least 250 pounds, lumbering slowly down the sidewalk and mumbling to herself in a lively monologue, complete with gesticulation. Perfect, I thought.

So I used the Standard Approach: slow down until I'm even with her, wait until I get her attention. Sure enough, she spotted me, stopped her stumbling and mumbling, and turned to face me. She made an irritated shrug as if to ask, "What are you looking at?" That's when I flashed her my best Tom Cruise smile, and with measured deliberation, extended my middle finger in an unmistakeable gesture.

Her slack, drooping black face then exploded into a tribal mask of outrage. "What the fuck, you fuck, you- I- you-" I hit the gas, but not too hard - just enough to keep out of reach of this now-enraged monster. "Muthafucka! White muthafucka!" she bellowed, and this is where it gets good - she stalked out into the street behind me, and I watched in my rear-view as she screamed and jabbed the air with both middle fingers. At that moment, another car came to a skidding stop behind her and honked - she spun around and pounded its hood with her fist, yelled something at the black male driver. As I reached the intersection and turned right, the driver was leaning out his window, engaged in a pitched screaming match with my victim.

Now you can see why this is so addictive.

Oh my God that is so funny!
Coontact Tale #198 (May 17, 2004)

I hate to admit it, but I saw a black outburst yesterday.

I was in Safeway doing my grocery shopping. Specifically the frozen foods aisle. This black lady and her four kids were opening every glass door and moving items out of order as if desperately searching for something. An employee, a little put off asked her if he could help her. She replied: "Yeah, where y'all keep yo fla-vor-ice pops at???". He replied: "I'm sorry ma'am. We discontinued fla-vor-ice and replaced them with Kool-Aid Kool pops" and they are on aisle 5. (We were on aisle 18)

Her eyes bugged out like Roger Rabbit and she raised her voice: "What THE FUCK? I been buyin' flava ice pops here for years? How you gonna switch em to Kool Aid??"

He just looked surprised at her response.

"Now I gotta walk halfway cross the sto' for some 4 inch nasty ass imitation flava ice pop...(mumbled) Mothafucka... Darnell! Go to aisle 5 and get some of them Kool Aid Pops."

And that was the end of it. She wasn't really mad though. It was just a natural reaction and she was fine after she vented her frustration.

Coontact Tale #199 (June 5, 2004)

Haha! Looks like the flipping off the niggabitches game is catching on!

So, I tried that flipping off a black woman thing today.......

And it felt really good. I went to McDonalds to grab a quick lunch, and I was able to pull right up to the menu board. I ordered and pulled up. The line was moving a little slow, but after 4-5 minutes I got up to the first window to pay.

There was a gold Lexus in front of me at the food window. It took at least 8 minutes for them to hand her her bag of food. I saw a brown arm with 4 inch orange fingernails extend out and take the bag. Then, she digs through it, and hands 3 packs of fries back in the window. I guess they were cold or something. About 4 minutes later, they hand her a bag with new fries. She finally leaves.

By this time I am livid and I pull up to the food window. The 250 pound nigress in there shuffles over and gets my drink. Thes, she shuffles back and hands it to me. Then, she lets out a big sigh, and shuffles over to get my food. She oozes back to the window, and hands me my bag without ever saying a word. I take my bag, and say: "You're welcome, and I will have a nice day".

She gives me this confused look, and I just lose it. I extend that magic digit majestically up into the air and wait. After about three seconds she starts with the "muddafukka" stuff and I peel out, laughing the whole time. Suddenly, after gettting more and more angry while I was waiting, I was in a great mood.

Coontact Tale #200 (June 5, 2004) Another "Giving Black women The Finger" Tale Courtesy of GBWTF From FC

Registered Giving Black Women The Finger, Volume 1, Issue 5

So yesterday morning, I'm taking my usual detour on the way in to work - taking an earlier offramp into the city, meandering through the projects and bad areas, on the lookout for those wonderfully irasible, easily infuriated black women. Mornings aren't as good as evenings. Generally, most black women are still in bed at 7:45am, with the exception of burger flippers on their way to work and the occasionaly junkie.

Coming around the corner and running out of hope, I spotted one of the latter. Practically a skeleton of a woman, a sinewy crone lost in a dirty t-shirt and wraparound skirt, shiny jet-black skin stretched tight over her stooped frame. Her face was a true horror: that of a witch, a leatherfaced gremlin, with sunken eyes, deep smoker's crevasses, a mouth twisted into a permanent scowl. A cigarette drooped from one bony hand, the other clutched a McDonald's cup. Perfect, I thought.

I treid my usual method - slow down to match pace with her, make eye contact, and slowly extend the finger. But my technique went deliciously wrong: as soon as I thought I had her attention, I flashed a smile and flipped the bird, but she looked down at the ground as I did. When she looked up, she was scared out of her wits, giving a loud "Eeeya!" while her cup slipped from her hand and splashed to the ground - iced tea, from the looks of it. Who drinks iced tea from a tattered McDonald's cup at 8am? Ancient, tottering junkies do.

She looked down at the puddle, then back up at me with a rictus of pure insane hate; my smile and middle finger still available for her viewing enjoyment. And while pumping her fists at her side with every syllable, her yells, drowning out my laughter, burned themselves into my memory:

"Ah spilled mah drink! Ah spilled mah drink! Ah spilled mah drink! What you gonna do for me now? Huh, muthafucka? Ah spilled mah drink! Ah spilled mah drink!"

She actually pronounces spilled as "spilt," and drink as "draink," but you get the idea.

As I pulled away towards the next intersection, her voice went from a loud yell to an eerie, unearthly, raking shriek I'll never forget:


I turned the corner, and I swear to God, I could still hear her all the way to the next interesction.

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