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nigger zoo

Part One of a Cartoon Tour of a Nigger Zoo

Part One

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Tom Shelly introduces children to the nigger zoo Billy wants to see the voodoo niggers Lisa wants to see the she boons Both children are happy Shelly explains a little about the nigger zoo Billy questions why all the niggers aren't in Africa where they belong
Shelly explains that some niggers were left behind for research purposes Billy complains about nigger smell "Which is first, kids?" Shelly asks. Shelly describes the she boons Everyone goes into She Boon Row The children see their first she-boon
She-boon behind bars Shelly explains why she-boon asses are so big Billy wonders why she boon asses are so large. Shelly tries to explain why nigger bucks like big booties to a kid. The Sponge Bob she-boon stares at Billy. Shelly calms Billy down.
Lisa asks why niggers like KFC. Shelly takes the kids to see a feeding she-boon. She-boon eats KFC. The feeding she-boon scares Lisa. The filth of niggers frightens Lisa. Shelly takes the kids away from the she-boons
Lisa wonders why we allowed ngigers to roam free Shelly tries to explain why niggers were free Shelly and Lisa discuss the absurdity of allowing niggers to be free They enter Congo Land The children see their first Congo nigger The children are shocked by the Congo niggers
Congo niggers on display Lisa remarks on how lazy and filthy Congo niggers are Shelly guides the children to the movie presentation Everyone enters the Congo Theater The interior of Congo Theater Everyone watches the movie
Billy laughs at the filthy niggers Shelly tells them to wait until the see the Famine niggers Shelly guides them to see the Famine niggers The children see their first famine nigger Starving famine nigger lays in the dirt Lisa questions why the niggers don't at least try to help themselves.
The children see more famine niggers Billy laughs about the feces on one of the nigglets Billy questions why the niggers don't just run away Shelly points to the nearby HazNig guard tower HazNig watches from the gun tower Everyone enters the fly area of the nigger zoo
Just inside the fly area A buzard waits fora  starving nigglet to die Lisa questions how niggers can be so cruel Shelly explains that niggers are even lower than animals Lisa still can't believe that niggers used to run free among us A starving nigger covered in flies
Billy wonders why the niggers don't just eat the flies Shelly explains that niggers are even too stupid to do even that! Shelly tells the kids that they have much more to see at the nigger zoo The welfare mammies and prison niggers are next.


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